Q: What is Reiki and energie flow?

A:  Reiki is a Japenese healing technique that helps to bring a person (or a pet) back into balance through subtle energy work. 

Reiki practitioners’ are able to tap into our universal energy (the non-physical stuff you can't see, but is present in all of us) to help facilitate the body’s innate healing process allowing you to heal yourself emotionally or physically. Reiki is also used in conjunction with Western medicine as an alternative healing method.

Q:  What are the benefits of Reiki?

A:  Reiki sessions can help reduce stress, alleviate or ease pain, boost your immune system, as well as enhance and help you feel stronger and more confident to promote clarity and creativity in all areas of your life. Since Reiki works on an energetic level, the vibrations are able to adjust the body’s energy field in and around the body resulting into rebalancing itself either immediately or over time with regular sessions.

Q:  What happens during a Reiki session?

A:  A typical 60-minute session is broken out into three parts:

1. The session begins with a consultation to review what brought the client in, any concerns as well as any specific areas of their body that need to be focused on during the session.

2. The hands-on/energy session is given on a massage table outfitted with sheets, pillows, blanket, and bolster to make the client as comfortable as possible. The client is fully clothed. The practioner will use a variety of hand positions lightly placed or hovering over the client’s body. The client may experience some heat or cold as well as vibrant colors or images while in a deep state of relaxation throughout the session.

3.  Upon completion of the hands-on portion, the practioner reviews the session with the client. The client is usually feeling more relaxed and balanced. Often times the healing continues even after the session is complete.

Q:  What do you need to wear or bring to a session?

A:  Clients are recommended to wear loose fitting clothes as well as bring or wear clean socks. Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances or perfumes and eat light before the session. All electronic devices need to be turned off before the session begins. All clients must bring their completed client intake forms. 

Reiki sessions are not a substitute for any treatment prescribed by a doctor, licensed health care practitioner, or mental health professional. The information on this site is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or prevent and disease. However, Reiki supports and accelerates such prescribed treatment.